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Foundation Repair Syracuse, NY

What are the signs of foundation problems?

Foundation problems affect the safety and structure of your home. Unsure if you have a foundation problem? Never ignore the signs. Catching foundation issues early can avoid costly repairs and irreversible damage.

  • Cracks in your basement floor or walls
  • Damp or wet floors
  • Mold
  • Bowed basement walls
  • Cracked Chimney
  • Cracked outside façade bricks or sagging siding

Methods of correcting foundation problems

Your foundation is just that- the base and support of your home. Avoiding foundation inspection in Syracuse, NY and repair can be costly and significantly devalues your home. We offer a free assessment to assess the damages and determine the best course of action.

Bowing and leaning foundation walls

We will install an I-beam along with beams or the application of carbon strips to correct and support the walls.

Cracked floor repair

Water will be redirected toward specially designed floor drainage systems.

Basement window repair (broken, leaking)

Remove, replace and repair windows. Install drains with window wells and covers or window replacement.

Drainage and sump pump solutions for flooding

Specially designed French drains and sump pump systems.

Foundation problems in Syracuse do not always have to be scary or expensive.

Schedule an inspection, and we will uncover both the problems and the solution for your foundation.